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  • Domain Name Pattern Filter Explained
    The pattern filter can be a very powerful tool in finding good domains. It uses regular expressions to find domains that match your specified pattern without you having to try out every possible combination yourself.

Added Camel Case Tool Language Selector
Also added an option to keep only matching domains. Non matching domains will be removed from the result.


Updated the Camel Case Tool
It can now handle up to 10,000 domains in one go. Domains can now be on the same line separated by tabs, spaces, semicolon or comma. Also added two more options to remove doubles or remove empty lines from the result.


The .pl drop works again
The .pl whois servers are still limiting my checks, however the deleted domain check works again. The quality of the pending delete list is not what I would like it to be, but this is the best I can do at the moment.


Fixed a bug that set the word count for hyphen domains always to 1
The bug was only introduced 2 days ago and all effected domains are now fixed.


New Namesilo Auction Type Filter
The namesilo auctions list now has a separate auction type filter. This allows to only show namesilo expired domain auctions or filter by any other namesilo specific auction type.