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  • Domain Name Pattern Filter Explained
    The pattern filter can be a very powerful tool in finding good domains. It uses regular expressions to find domains that match your specified pattern without you having to try out every possible combination yourself.

Access to the Sedo Fixed Price List
Contact me using the contact form, if you want access to the list again . You need to be fine with the limitations of the implementation (no price updates, no removable of sold domains). I will not fix any errors in that list!


The .in Registry move to Neustar is complete
The .in Registry move to Neustar is complete and the whois (availability check) is working again.


Removed Sedo Fixed Price List
The way this list is implemented means I can't update prices, nor removed sold domains automatically and sedo doesn't provide me with the tools I need to implement it properly. Unfortunately some users keep contacting me to update their domain prices or remove their domains and I can't keep doing that manually. So I've decided to disable the list for now.


New Droplist for Pending Delete .mx Domains
You can now find a self created .mx/ droplist in the pendingdelete list. However the droplist is not complete and the shown dropdate is not correct! The deleted .mx list will still be filled using the list the .mx registry publishes every hour.


Removed adwords SV/CO/CPC as default listing columns
If you want, you can add them to your listing using the column manager.