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  • Domain Name Pattern Filter Explained
    The pattern filter can be a very powerful tool in finding good domains. It uses regular expressions to find domains that match your specified pattern without you having to try out every possible combination yourself.

New TLD Blacklist Filter
Blacklist TLDs and remove them from your listing. You can combine as many as you want.
uk = remove .uk and all second level .uk TLDs
*.uk = remove all second level .uk TLDs, but leave .uk = remove just ( works the same)
.uk = remove just .uk (leave all second level .uk TLDs)
The blacklist can be combined with other TLD filters.


Fixed the "Named Ending" Filter


NameJet Most Active Mail Parser now uses the Bulk Domain Search


Domain Details Page accepts any Domain Name Now
You can now view any existing domain name on the domain details page (e.g. /domain/ You will at least see the domain name status section + the similar domains result, if the domain is not currently listed. If the domain is listed, you will also see the usual domain data for the domain. There is also now a simple filter for the domain name status section.


New Tool: Bulk Domain Search
Copy & paste any list of domains into the bulk domain search and if they are listed, view them with the gathered domain data in the corresponding domain list.