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  • Google hat den PageRank endgültig abgeschaltet
    Google hat bestätigt das sie die PageRank API die in der Toolbar und allen PageRank Checks benutzt wird abgeschaltet haben. Alle Anfragen an die API liefern nur noch PR0 für jede Domain!
  • Domain Name Pattern Filter Explained
    The pattern filter can be a very powerful tool in finding good domains. It uses regular expressions to find domains that match your specified pattern without you having to try out every possible combination yourself.
  • Suchaufträge speichern und Updates per E-Mail
    Ausgewählte Filter uns Sortierungen können gespeichert und wiederverwendet werden. Außerdem kann man sich einmal am Tag per E-Mail über neue, passende Domains informieren lassen.

New Deleted .com Archive Lists for 2014
After some server upgrades I will start loading the .com archive for 2013. I think I now have the 2006 -> 2013 droplists for .com and I will load those one after the other. If you know of a place where I can get more droplists or other tlds, let me know. I need old droplists that include the domain name and the drop date of the domain.


New Deleted Archive Lists for .net, .org, .biz and .info
You can now also find archive lists for deleted .net, .org, .biz and .info domains. All data is updated, except adwords for a couple of domains. The adwords checks are slowing down the loading of archive domains. They will be updated at a later stage.


Fixed the GoDaddy Whois URL
GoDaddy switched to reCAPTCHA for their whois tool and because of that changed the URL. It is now updated and works again.


New Deleted .com Archive Lists for 2015
You can now find another 12 month or archive deleted .com domains. Before this change the archive system could only handle up to 12 month of deleted .com domains. Now it is possible to add a new month without reseting an old one. At the moment you have access to the last 24 month of available deleted .com domains, but it will increase over time automatically. I reloaded the 2015 deleted domains and all information are up to date for them. I might also load 2014 and maybe 2013, but that will take time because all information needs to be refreshed. Also the archive navigation changed. You can now find the archive links directly under the deleted .com navigation button.


New Button that copies the Domain Names on the current page into your Clipboard
The clipboard is short-term data storage you can use to transfer data between documents or applications via copy (Ctrl+C) and paste (Ctrl+V) operations. The button copies the domains on the current page into your clipboard (Ctrl+C). After that you can quickly paste (Ctrl+V) them wherever you want. The script used for this is based on HTML5 and does not require flash! However you need a current browser version: Chrome 42+, Firefox 41+, Edge 12+, IE 9+, Opera 29+ or Safari 10+. You can find the button next to the export and save search icons above the domain listings.