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New Domain Name Search System (search box, top right corner)
It looks the same and should work the same, but everything is new. The hardware, the search software, the api and the integration are completley new. If you notice any negative changes, let me know. The "exclude Domains on your Watchlist" filter now also works here and the new system can handle regex. This allows the wanted/unwanted character filters to work.
Pending Delete and Deleted Domains
Pending delete and deleted domains are now also supported.
Removed Facebook/Twitter Name Check
The update doesn't work anymore.
Removed Quantcast Column and Filter
The update doesn't work anymore.
Pending delete domains are back
The deleted domains and the pending delete list are now back.
Removed Uniregistry domain registar links
Uniregistry is now owned by GoDaddy.
Deleted .mx / Domains
The public deleted domain list from is unfortunately gone. I can't find a replacement for it on the new registry website, so at the moment I rely on the .mx / droplist I create myself. If anyone know of a replacement, let me know.
Updated the Domain Name Status Section on the Domain Details Page
The filter buttons now also copy a list of the selected domains (taken, available, ...) into your clipboard (CTRL+C/CTRL+V). Also the requested domain is now always the first entry in the list.
Domain Name Lookup added to the Bulk Domain Search
The bulk domain search now has an option to "Find Domains based on Names without TLD". Without this option enabled, the bulk search only parses full domain names with a TLD (as expected). However with it enabled, you can now also enter any name and the search will find all known domains with that name.
For example: You can enter "hotel". This will currently return 595 known domain names in a multitude of TLDs and it will check if any of these are currently in a domain list. Just give it a try by entering your favorite domain name keywords.
Note: This will only find domains that exist in the current domain database. If you enter a name that is currently only known in two TLDs, it will only return two domains!
Registrar Filter Update
The registrar filter received an update. You can now enter multiple search keywords separated by a comma (,). There is also a blocklist version of the filter now and it moved into a separate box on the Comman Tab.
Fixed timeout issue with certain domain lists
The cpu cooler on one of the database servers died. This throttled the cpu and led to request timeouts. The cpu cooler was replaced and everything should go back to normal now.
Enabled the export function for the Domain Name Search again
Fixed: No updates to the pending delete list for 2-3 days
An integer ran out of range and prevented all updates to the list. This can not happen anymore and all domains are now updated.
Fixed the Preferred Registrar Link
New Marketplace Lists
Added the Daily Diamonds and the Epik Marketplace Domains to the Database.
The .ng / drop works again
The drop process for .ng / changed, but the calculated dropdate looks good now.
New Research Tool: Domain Name Availability
Enter a word to find all domain names containing it and see in how many TLDs it is registered.
The Domain Details Page now also accepts Names without a TLD
You can now view any name on the domain details page (e.g. /domain/example). If the details page receives a domain name (without tld), it will show you the availability of the domain name in all found tlds and the similar domains result. If it receives a valid domain (with tld), it will also try to find information about the domain.
Droplist .pt works again
The GoDaddy Auctions FTP works again
All lists are updated now.
The .club availability check finally works again
The .cn droplist works again
The missing days are also processed and in the deleted .cn list.
Added Sedo Expiring Auction List
New Filter/Column Yaca (Yandex Catalog)
The Yandex Catalog was a manually maintained directory like Dmoz. Unfortunately it was closed around the same time in 2017. Besides Dmoz, you can now also find Domains that were in the Yandex Catalog before it closed.
The sedo bargain and make offer lists contain more domains now.
Also all adwords queues for sedo domains are now processed.
The .uk droplist is now back in the pending delete list.
Added a Listing Anchor Tag
The paging, sorting and a lot more listing related links use an anchor tag now. This reduces unnecessary scrolling which is especially nice for mobile users.
Quicklinks for Deleted TLDs with Archive Lists
Deleted TLDs that have archive lists, now have an additional navigation instead of the list name. It makes checking the archive lists with the same filters a bit easier.
Moved Deleted Domains to new Archive Lists
ccTLDs: .cn, .cc, .uk, .br, .ru, .us, .pl, .de, .co, .au, .ca, .it, .nl, .me, .fr and .in
gTLDs: .eu
ngTLDs: .xyz, .top, .club
The domains were already in the database. They just got moved from the regular deleted list to the respective archive list.
Four new Sedo Lists
These lists do not have the previous limitations the fixed price list had (sold domains will be removed and prices updated). The bargain list contains buy now domains with a fixed price <= 500 USD. At the moment not all domains have adwords data yet. Everything else is updated, but adwords will probably take a couple of weeks to be finished.
New Blocklist Domain Lists Filter for the Domain Name Search
Group Names for TLD Allowlist/Blocklist Filter
The filters now support group names for TLD filtering. You can use "gtld", "cctld" and "ngtld" to remove or include the TLD Group. The group names with an (s) at the end work the same = gtlds, cctlds or ngtlds.
New TLD Allowlist Filter
It works like the TLD Blocklist filter. You write out the TLDs you want to see and don't have to use the checkboxes. You can however combine both if you like.
Fixed the TLD Blocklist Filter not working correctly in the Domain Name Search
The droplist creation for works again
The .ly whois server works again
New TLD Blocklist Filter
Blocklist TLDs and remove them from your listing. You can combine as many as you want.
uk = remove .uk and all second level .uk TLDs
*.uk = remove all second level .uk TLDs, but leave .uk = remove just ( works the same)
.uk = remove just .uk (leave all second level .uk TLDs)
The blocklist can be combined with other TLD filters.
Fixed the "Named Ending" Filter
NameJet Most Active Mail Parser now uses the Bulk Domain Search
Domain Details Page accepts any Domain Name Now
You can now view any existing domain name on the domain details page (e.g. /domain/ You will at least see the domain name status section + the similar domains result, if the domain is not currently listed. If the domain is listed, you will also see the usual domain data for the domain. There is also now a simple filter for the domain name status section.
New Tool: Bulk Domain Search
Copy & paste any list of domains into the bulk domain search and if they are listed, view them with the gathered domain data in the corresponding domain list.
Bootstrap and jQuery update
I updated bootstrap (css template) and jquery (javascript library) today. As far as I can tell everything is still working, but if you notice anything not working correctly, let me know.
New Theme: Dark Mode
In your settings, you can now enable the dark mode light-blue theme.
New User Setting: Domain Listing Table Font Size
You can use it to lower the font size to fit more on your screen. However it makes the domain name less readable!
Create a new Saved Search under a new name from an existing Saved Search
There is now a link "save as" next to the regular "save" link that will create a new saved search under a new name. Run the saved search you wan to duplicate, change it if you want, click on "save as" and rename it. The link is above the domain listing table.
New column manager script
It is still not perfect, but it is usable now on mobile.
Font and font-size changes
Before this change I used Arial and if you had it installed Tahoma. Now I'm using the current bootstrap default font family and what font you actually see depends on your Browser/OS settings. I think the readability is a lot better, especially for smaller devices. Try it for a couple of days and if you still think it is worse, send me a screenshot. I would be fine to just use Arial for every Browser/OS and make the font size customizable for the domain listing tables. If you know css, send me what you think is best for you and I will take a look. I'm also working on a dark mode for the website, but that is still work in progress.
Access to the Sedo Fixed Price List
Contact me using the contact form, if you want access to the list again . You need to be fine with the limitations of the implementation (no price updates, no removable of sold domains). I will not fix any errors in that list!
The .in Registry move to Neustar is complete
The .in Registry move to Neustar is complete and the whois (availability check) is working again.
Removed Sedo Fixed Price List
The way this list is implemented means I can't update prices, nor removed sold domains automatically and sedo doesn't provide me with the tools I need to implement it properly. Unfortunately some users keep contacting me to update their domain prices or remove their domains and I can't keep doing that manually. So I've decided to disable the list for now.