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New Domain Lists and new Supported TLDs
For the following TLDs you can now find a expired/deleted domain list. .cr, .gd, .gs, .im, .ke /, .kg, .kz, .ir, .la, .ma, .pe /, .pm, .re, .tf, .wf, .yt, .so, .th /, .uz They also show up in the Deleted Domains (last 7 days) list and in the Domain Name Search, however they are not in the pending delete list! I do not have a working droplist for them yet, so that is why they are not released in the pending delete list yet.
More Domain Name Search Changes
I've fixed some speed related problems and the new search cluster is now live. The combination of both speeds up every search noticeably. Also some unfinished expired lists are no longer in the domain name search. Some users noticed that you could already find TLDs in the domain name search that were not released yet. This is not possible anymore, however if you are one of those users, contact me. Let me know what TLD you are interested in and I will prioritize it.
Increased the Speed of the Domain Name Search
The "Domain Lists" and the "TLDs" filter are now static and not created dynamic based on the current search. Turns out creating these 2 filters dynamically was slowing down the search tremendously. It even made certain requests impossible. For example now you can do a dot search that affects all .com domains and get a result with over 150mio domains in reasonable time. I'm also working on a new search cluster that will make searching even faster (not released yet).
re-added the old 32 TLD focused TLDs Reg column
If for some reason you don't want/like the new TLDs Reg column and you want the old 32 TLD focused one back, you can do this now. The columns is back in the column manager under a new name and I've added a filter for it. So you can have both columns or just the one you like. I will keep supporting both!
The TLDs Reg Column now also uses my new Status Index
The Index is a lot faster than before. That means I can update the domains a more often. It also supports a lot more TLDs (around 2,393 so far). It includes ccTLDs, nTLDs, ngTLDs and a lot of second level ccTLDs. The link of the column value now links to the domain details page. This makes checking what TLDs the domain name is registered in easier.
Updated the Domain Details Page Status Check
The Domain Name Status Check on the Domain Details page now uses a new Availability Index that supports a lot more TLDs. The old check supported a maximum of 32 TLDs. The new check supports up to 2,393 TLDs and rising. TLDs are only included on the Details Page if they make sense, so not every TLD is shown every time!
Added 3 new geo columns
You can read more about them in the blog/news post.
Removed sub .ru tlds (,
They seem to work a lot different than .ru and always made problems, so I removed them for now. .ru and .su are unaffected and will work like before.
New supported ngTLDs (MMX) in the pending delete list
You can now also find MMX TLDs in the pending delete list like .london, .nyc or .blog.
The donuts tlds are back in the pending delete list (again)
The availability check for .se / .nu domains works again
I have access to the zonefile again and all .se / .nu domains are updated now.
The GoDaddy Auctions FTP is woking again
All GoDaddy domain lists are updated.
Switch the Dictionary Word Check to V2
New domains that enter the system are already using the new api version. Old domains are currently being rechecked. This will take a couple of days. The new version now supports numbers in domain names, if the numbers do not split words. (e.g. =>, but not Numbers in domain names do not count as words (e.g. email4you = 2 words). If you use the dictionary filters and you don't want numbers, use the "no Numbers" filter in addition. The support for hyphens splitting words was removed (e.g. would not find "Less" anymore). Combining words with a hyphen still works (e.g. => The Finnish dictionary I was using wasn't very good, so now I'm using a new Finnish dictionary supplied by a Finnish speaking user. I hope this one is better.
Updated the Camel Case Tool
New option "Show all Word Matches". If multiple word matches are found in the domain name, shows all of them separated by a | (Example: => | Also the tool now uses V2 of my wordmatch algorithm, that supports numbers in domain names (Example: => However numbers can not split words! works, but would not work, because the "2" splits the word "email". I also removed the possibility of hyphens splitting words. Before wold find the word "less". Now this is not supported anymore.
The availability check for .xyz domains works again
I have access to the zonefile again and all .xyz domains are now updated.
Added the missing Expired .au Domains
Added Backorder Links
Fixed the Deleted Domain Check for .au Domains
The .au drop is working again. The update happens an hour later now, between 4:00 AM UTC and 5:00 AM UTC. Also most of the missing expired .au domains will be added to the list later this week. I have to add them manually, so it will take a while.
Fixed the Wikipedia Links System
Also all domains are updated now.
Added Camel Case Tool Language Selector
Also added an option to keep only matching domains. Non matching domains will be removed from the result.
Updated the Camel Case Tool
It can now handle up to 10,000 domains in one go. Domains can now be on the same line separated by tabs, spaces, semicolon or comma. Also added two more options to remove doubles or remove empty lines from the result.
The .pl drop works again
The .pl whois servers are still limiting my checks, however the deleted domain check works again. The quality of the pending delete list is not what I would like it to be, but this is the best I can do at the moment.
Fixed a bug that set the word count for hyphen domains always to 1
The bug was only introduced 2 days ago and all effected domains are now fixed.
New Namesilo Auction Type Filter
The namesilo auctions list now has a separate auction type filter. This allows to only show namesilo expired domain auctions or filter by any other namesilo specific auction type.
Separate Filter Box for Second Level Country Code Domains
The ccTLDs and the SLDs for them are now split into separate filter boxes.
Update on the SimilarWeb removal
SimilarWeb is not going to be reintroduced. Unfortunately they decided to discontinue the api access I had before. The new api access they offered me instead is far to expensive and I'm not able nor willing to pay that much.
Removed the Huntingmoon list
Removed the Open Site Explorer Link
The Open Site Explorer is no longer being updated and should not be used anymore.
Removed E-Mail Updates for Saved Searches
E-Mail Updates for Saved Searches will be discontinued
The E-Mail Update Service for Saved Searches will be discontinued at 09.05.2018. After that day, you will no longer get Update E-Mails.
Updated the Flippa Auctions Integration
Only property types domain, established_website and starter_site are now going to be imported. This removed iOS/Android Apps and Amazon FBAs from the list.
More second level tlds
You can now find, and in the pending delete list and in the corresponding deleted list.
Donuts Domains are back in the pending delete list
Removed SimilarWeb Columns and Filters
It is now almost a month that the SimilarWeb API isn't working for me. For now I will remove the fields and filters. If they fix the API, I will add it again.
Added second level tlds for .au and .cn
You can now find, and a lot of second level .cn domains in the pending delete list and in the corresponding deleted list.
Removed the link is no longer available for free.
Deleted .me Domains work again
The whois checks for .me work again.
Deleted .fr Domains every hour
The .fr droplist for the current day is now checked every hour, because .fr domains drop all day long.
All SimilarWeb Ranks are now updated
Increased the .it Droplist to 30 days
Additionally to the regular 2 day pending delete list from, you can now find my own 30 day .it redemption list in the pending delete list. There are still some gaps, but these will be closed in the next 20-25 days.
New TLDs: .shop
You can now find .shop domains in the pending delete list. You can backorder them using hexonet.
Fixed a bug where some domains showed up twice in exports
The Textfile and CSV Export limits changed slightly.
If you create multiple accounts to circumvent limits, all your accounts might get closed. If you have explainable reasons for wanting higher limits, just message me using the contact form.
All SimilarWeb Ranks are now updated
DropCatch Auctions
The API works and the DropCatch Auctions List is updating again.
All SimilarWeb Ranks are now updated
Fixed the issue with Deleted Domains not showing up on time
Fixed the Links
All SimilarWeb Ranks are now updated
3rd party tools
If you use a 3rd party tool to connect to the member area, your account will be closed! There is no 3rd party tool with permission to use the member area in their software!